Theia Holding is focused on acquiring corporate carve-outs and special situations (family succession, buy-out, buy- and build and restructurings). Our investment strategy is laser-focused on unlocking long-term value through operational improvement and strategic change. 

We believe that providing refreshed focus, the proper resources, and access to necessary capital are key to position our companies for long-term value creation, which goes hand in hand with our vision of development in perpetuity and our engagement.

Theia Holding will consider acquisitions of middle-market assets, portfolios, or companies operating in a broad range of industries and sectors. Our acquisition candidates will traditionally possess the following qualities:



Acquisition Type
- Corporate carve-outs and special situations (family succession, buy-out, buy- and build and restructurings).

- Businesses experiencing financial, operational, or industry-driven challenges or deemed strategically non-core activities.

Acquisition Size
- Transaction values of up to CHF 50 million, although we have the ability to consummate larger transactions.

- Revenues between CHF 5 million and CHF 150 million.


  • Assets, portfolios, divisions, or companies located in Switzerland, the EU, or the UK.

- Although we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the MedTech, manufacturing and engineering sectors, all industries will be considered.

- Experience in industries such as technology, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial suppliers, technical and business services, chemicals, medical, dental, and pharmaceuticals.



Theia Holding understands the time-sensitive nature of a divestment process and will respond promptly and clearly to all opportunities. 

We carefully select the businesses we evaluate and do not move forward unless we have a high level of confidence that the company fits with our objectives and core competencies. 

We understand that in addition to price, a seller also values speed, deal certainty and finding a reputable buyer for the business with a long term focus.

Upon receipt of summary information or after discussions with management, we quickly assess whether a company represents an appropriate acquisition opportunity and will respond promptly.

Assuming the opportunity meets our Acquisition Criteria, our objective is to quickly provide the seller with a preliminary expression of interest outlining our high-level view on a potential transaction in order to enable the seller to assess whether Theia Holding would be a suitable buyer for the business.


Our concise acquisition team will quickly, efficiently and discreetly conduct due diligence, including, but not limited to (i) market research, (ii) products and services reviews, (iii) customer and vendor relationships assessment, (iv) historical and projected financial information analysis and (v) performing other customary due diligence items.


Theia Holding has extensive experience with a variety of acquisition structures including asset and share deals, corporate carve-outs, “going private” transactions and other sophisticated financial and tax-related structures. 

As a private strategic holding company, we have the flexibility to design the optimal structure to achieve the seller’s strategic objectives.


Theia Holding does not have formal investment committees that will slow down the acquisition process. 

The acquisition team makes all transaction decisions, which allows us to move efficiently, quickly, and discreetly throughout the process.


We understand that unforeseen issues or complexities may arise during the acquisition process.

The team of Theia Holding has substantial experience navigating through these issues and will remain committed to closing the transaction in a loyal manner.



We seek acquisitions of assets, portfolios, or companies in various industries and sectors that share certain common qualities:

Companies should have a product or service with a strong market position and historical revenues to help sustain and grow profitability and provide a foundation to implement a laser-focused growth strategy.


Companies should present a compelling value proposition for their customers and have a proven ability to withstand changing market conditions.


Long-term relationships provide a level of comfort that the company can remain relevant, and also serve as a foundation aligned with our “in perpetuity” vision for expansion into new products or markets.


Companies should display both organic growth potential, as well as opportunities to grow via strategic add-on acquisitions.


Paysage suisse



Theia Holding understands the importance of focusing on employees, customers, and suppliers to ensure a seamless business transition and to position the company for long-term success. 

The key values that govern the relationship between Theia Holding and its portfolio companies are P.R.R.A.:

We firmly believe that a long-term operating view is essential when acquiring a business. Unlike many private equity firms and financial investors, Theia Holding has no pre-defined acquisition horizon and has the ambition to hold its participation in perpetuity.


Theia Holding strongly believes that every employee within a company is important to the overall success of the business. 

The objectives of employees must be aligned with those of the company, and we commit to realize such alignment for shared success.

Although we typically do not participate in day-to-day operations, Theia Holding is actively involved in strategic planning and major operational and financial decisions taking the responsibility that is expected of a strategic holding company.


Theia Holding is committed to maintaining the unique culture, history and identity of each company. 

While we will provide resources to the senior management of the acquired business, each portfolio company is operated as an autonomous, stand-alone entity.