Our team has experience in a variety of transaction types including turnarounds, corporate divestitures, and private companies. The team has completed transactions in numerous industries' technology, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial suppliers, technical and business services, chemicals, medical, dental, pharmaceuticals, and real estate.

President and CEO

Biography :

Mr. Huguelet serves as the President and CEO of Theia Holding since 2019. 

He served as Business Development Manager of HL Technology SA from mid 2012 until mid 2017 and as its CEO from mid 2017 until 2020. 

Prior to his mission as CEO at HL Technology SA and Theia Holding SA, Mr. Huguelet worked for Studer AG as project manager (1989 - 1991), K-Tron as R&D manager (1991 - 1995), Ismeca as VP of R&D and business unit manager (1995 - 1999), MPS as Head of Technology and Business Development manager (1999 - 2007), Patric Inox as CEO (2007 - 2010) and for Adoptics as VP R&D and manufacturing (2011 - 2012). 

Mr. Huguelet holds a Mechanical Engineer degree from ETS Le Lode and an MBA from the University of Neuchatel and St Gallen.


Julien von Kaenel

Board Member and COO

Biography :

Mr. von Kaenel serves as Board Member and COO of Theia Holding since 2019.

He served as COO of HL Technology SA from mid 2013 until 2020 and as its CEO since 2020. 

Prior to his mission as CEO at HL Technology SA and Theia Holding SA, Mr. von Kaenel worked for Stadler Bussnang AG as project engineer (2000 - 2001), Portescap as R&D manager (2001 - 2006), MPS as product manager and M&A manager (2006- 2008) and for Sonceboz SA as business unit manager (2008 - 2013). 

Mr. von Kaenel holds an Electronics and Electrical Engineer degree from ETS Neuchatel and an MBA from HEG Neuchatel.


Anita Moosmann Affolter

Board Member and CFO

Biography : 

Mrs. Moosmann Affolter serves as Board Member and CFO of Theia Holding since 2020. 

She serves as CFO of HL Technology SA since 2020. 

Prior to her mission as CFO at HL Technology SA and Theia Holding SA, Mrs. Moosmann Affolter worked for Holzbau Moosmann AG as President (2004-2019), Micro Prescision Systems AG as CFO (2003-2010), Myonic SA as Group Controller (2001 – 2002) and Roulement Miniatures Bienne SA as Head of Accounting (2000 – 2001). 

Mrs. Moosmann Affolter holds a degree in Economy from HWV Olten, a degree in Controlling from the Controlling Academy Gauting and an executive MBA from the University of Bern-Fribourg.

Johan Verlinden

External Advisor


Mr. Verlinden serves as External Advisor of Theia Holding since 2021. 

He currently serves at Fagron NV as Global Head of Legal and M&A since 2021 and served as Global Legal Affairs Director at Fagron NV (then: Arseus NV) since 2013. Prior to his mission at Fagron NV Mr. Verlinden worked as a lawyer at the Brussels bar. 

Mr. Verlinden holds a Master degree in Law from the University of Antwerp and Master degrees in Corporate Law and Financial Law from the Catholic University of Brussels.